Janet simply and strategically inspires and empowers you to be Your Change. This book is an easy read and a gateway to ultimate health. Read on!

Dr. Marisol Teijeiro, ND Sanas Health Practice

     In the ever-confusing world of North American nutritional matters, fads come and go, hype rules the day, and yet mythical dogma remains. In the midst of this, Janet Jacks has established herself as a trusted authority dedicated to the practical application of sensible, research-based dietary approaches. In Discover the Power of Food, Janet takes a wrecking ball to dogma, cuts through the hype, and brilliantly weaves together the advice of multiple experts, including those she has encountered through her highly-regarded broadcasting career. Most importantly, Discover is a book based on experience - more than a decade's worth of teaching and real-world outcomes is now presented in a reader-friendly resource, providing guidance that matters.

Dr. Alan Logan, N.D., FRSH, author of Your Brain on Nature

     Food must be first. Healthy food is the foundation that returns you to your natural state. Discover the Power of Food is an authoritative guide that takes you there in an informed and truly guided way. Prepare for a journey of success that will last a lifetime!

Dr. Teri Jaklin, ND Waterdown Clinic of Naturopathic Medicine

     Janet's easy to follow suggestions for healthy living will kickstart any person's quest to feel better. I loved Chapter 3 about fat, which dispels many myths -- and should get everyone eating healthy fat again.

Carol Morley, ND Zawada Health

     Janet Jacks is a generous teacher who dishes up relevant information along side tasty solutions. If you want to balance your blood sugar, boost mood, and have more energy, then dig into this insightful book.

Julie Daniluk, author of Meals that Heal Inflammation

     The book is very readable... It's quite a paradigm shift.

Jody Aberdeen

     The information in this book is fabulous... Very interesting, very informative.


     You asked me who I thought should read this book and my simple answer is... EVERYONE! It appeals to health gurus as well as those that don't know that first thing about nutrition and health. It also appeals to those that lead a busy life... It's interesting and relevant.


Author Janet Jacks
Janet Jacks

Janet Jacks is the founder of Goodness Me!, creator of Lifewatchers, and writer of Discover the Power of Food.