Teaching is in my blood. I began my professional career as a school teacher, and I loved it. Once the passion for healthy eating consumed my mind and heart, I began teaching others what I had learned.

Discover the Power of Food is a result of over 40 years of research and teaching; dozens of years of personal and widespread success; and Goodness Me!'s dynamic and life-changing Lifewatchers program. When Janet first began teaching her new way of eating to others and seeing the powerful results it brought, she developed the ten-week healthy living program called Lifewatchers. This program, over almost 15 years and with thousands of success stories, has proven time and time again to be the key to unleashing so many health benefits for so many people. Based on the success of this program, which still runs today at all Goodness Me! locations, Janet created Discover the Power of Food. Below is her explanation of how this book came to be.

I developed a passion to show those who sought my advice some simple, practical and effective ways to implement real change: I wanted to invite them home to my kitchen and show them how easy it was, how satisfying and tasty and achievable, even for someone as busy as I found myself with five children, cooking classes, speaking engagements, and a demanding business to run. But there were so many people with so many questions... how to help them all?

And so was born our ten-week healthy living program, which we call Lifewatchers. It was created to help people upgrade their eating and transform their lives. And it has. More people with more different concerns, or no concerns at all, have found surprising new energy and restoration. Far beyond my expectations. Implementing these simple principles empowers them and fills them full of hope and enthusiasm, new vitality and unexpected, but amazing, side benefits. For nearly fifteen years, the lives of those who have followed this program have been transformed.

Since I cannot invite all of you to my home, nor can all of you access the classrooms where we teach these important principles, I have brought the information, practical help, and recipes to you with Discover the Power of Food. For those of you who can attend Lifewatchers, this book will offer the perfect complement to the program, and both together will enhance your health even more. Either way, I hope Discover the Power and Lifewatchers enable you to capture the incredible power of food and create your own impressive success story.

Janet Jacks
Goodness Me! Founder

Author Janet Jacks
Janet Jacks

Janet Jacks is the founder of Goodness Me!, creator of Lifewatchers, and writer of Discover the Power of Food.